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Words to consider when looking for a new job!


Poem by Bruce W. Waller

“What you sow, you will always reap, bruce_on truck original picture

So plant lots of good seeds, and grow plenty to keep.

The more contacts you make, the more opportunities you will see,

but waste time in this pursuit, and you will have nothing to be.

The harder you work, the luckier you will get,

but the consequences will be severe, when you have no grit.

Put your pride to the side and lean on others for support,

an investment in your network will multiply your net worth.

It takes courage and action to move toward the storm,

but when you get past the fear, you will see it’s just the norm.

Start each day with a goal and a plan to use as your compass,

then find your lane and drive each day with purpose.

Stay hungry, be humble, and make the most of every day,

because when you travel enough steps, you will see the pay.

Then one day you will blink,

and have the job you finally dreamed.”

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Thankful it never happened…

In 1989, I was bowling for a chance to qualify for the PBA US Open. The final game of qualifying, I rolled a perfect 300 game to make the top 5 finalists only to get eliminated during match play finals. My dreams of competing in the US Open look to be shattered before a last-minute spot opened up for me to compete with the best of the best in bowling. I had been traveling across the USA bowling in some of the biggest tournaments… Now here I was bowling on the lanes for the tournament that I had dreamed about bowling since I was a young boy. As I looked at the standings after 24 games of qualifying, I remember feeling disappointed that I had finished in the back of the pack. As I left the tournament, I thought about how my Professional Bowling Career was NEVER going to happen…. which it the best thing that never happened for me.

In business and in our personal life, we often plan for something big to happen only to bruce_on truck original picturebe disappointed that it didn’t happen and feel like we aren’t going to be successful. In many cases, this is the best thing that never happens. We just don’t realize it until later in life. Maybe it’s trying to pass a certification, only to be disappointed that we didn’t pass, or trying to pursue a new career, or put in for that promotion and find out someone else was chosen. It’s okay, in some cases, you just need to try again. For example, in 2012, I took the SPHR exam and missed by 10 questions. I was disappointed, but then decided to set a goal of taking the PHR exam the following year and passed.

In other cases, it’s time to set some new goals and refocus on what’s most important to you.

Since competing in the US Open, I refocused on my family and pursued a different career in the relocation business and have enjoyed incredible success and more importantly developed deeper relationships with my family, my wife, my children, business partners, and my customers. In fact, many of my customers are now some of my best friends. I couldn’t imagine a better life than what I have experienced over the last 30 years. I still follow professional bowing very closely and get excited to see the best of the best compete – especially when some of the best players in the world are good friends.

So, when you get down because you haven’t been able to accomplish something important to you, keep in pursuit of what’s most important to you, be grateful for your health, family, and friends, find your lane of passion, drive your life with purpose, invest in your people zone, keep getting better, and make the most of your journey! Life is an amazing adventure when you live with purpose. Just keep planting good seeds and the good seeds will grow into something great for you in your life!

Call to Action: Share this story with someone you know that might need some encouragement. It will make incredible impact!

Quote of the Week… “Ask yourself 3 times a day what’s most important to you, then have the courage to build your life around that answer.” (Tom Watson, Chairman of the Board for Armstrong Relocation and Companies)

This has been A Relocation Minute on “thankful it never happened” with Bruce Waller, for more information, call 972-389-5673, or email bwaller@goarmstrong.com or check out my social media Facebook and Twitter page.

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3 strategies to help you accelerate in 2018!

Last weekend I particpated a 5K Run for the second time ever. In 2017, I set a goal to run in a 5K and finish in 30 minutes. I achieved running the 5K, but fell short of my time goal by about two minutes. One of the things I was hoping to achieve was to run the race without stopping. Unfortunately I had to stop at about two miles to rest and then again at two and a half miles. Once I stopped it was hard to get in the flow again.

In 2018, I set a goal to run once again. I thought about trying the 10K, but felt like I needed to conquer the 5K before moving on. This time I set a goal the same goal to complete the run in 30 minutes and finish the 3.1 mile run without stopping. When I finished the race, I realized that my time was about the same as previous year, but I was able to run the entire distance.  The key was setting my own pace, and not focus on what others were doing. Even though it was still challenging, it gave me confidence knowing that I could achieve the goal, and continue to improve my performance for the next run.

As I was running, I noticed several leadership takeaways that might help anyone in the workplace or when trying to achieve a goal including these three strategies below:

  1. Find Your Lane… and focus on being consistent. Like the tortoise and the hare, I noticed a guy running with me for the first two mile’s. He started really fast, then tiring out and walked until I caught up, then running ahead, then tiring and walking and finally walking on mike 3 to the finish line. Many times we don’t plan for the day or week and find ourselves in reactive or catch up mode. Establish a routine each week for purposeful actions.
  2. Surround yourself with encourager’s… One of the things I enjoyed this year was to run the race with my son in law. Having someone to share the moment with is always more enjoyable. Also, after each mile there was a group of smiling people clapping and shouting positive affirmations to encourage runners to keep going. “You can do it. You got this.’ When I walk into the office each day, my boss and other coworkers are often smile and say “how is everything going?”, “Is there anything I can do to help?”, “You got this!”, “Keep, going!”. Surround yourself with the right people to encourage you when times get tough.
  3. Writing down a goal is a critical… Did you know that people that write down goals have a better chance to achieve success than those that don’t. In fact, only about 10% of the people that set a New Year Resolution achieve success. The first step toward achievement is to set a goal and write it down. . More importantly, share with others you know to help you with strategy and to help you stay focused on achieving success.

Do you have a goal? Is it in writing? Are you surrounded by encouragers for success? Please share… I would enjoy hearing about how things are going for you in 2018!

Quote of the week: “I just felt like… running.” (Forest Gump)

Call to Action: What’s a goal that you would like to achieve in 2018? HR Certification, Run a marathon, increase your sales? Write it down and use these strategies for success!

This has been A Relocation Minute on “3 strategies to help you accelerate in 2018 ” with Bruce Waller, For more information, call 972-389-5673, or email bwaller@goarmstrong.com or check out my social media Facebook and Twitter page.

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3 Leadership lessons that will elevate your network and personal growth.

I just finished reading “41, a portrait of my father by George W. Bush. This is a wonderful book about a man that understands hard work, values, family, and the importance of serving others. I wanted to share 3 leadership lessons that I took away that can help you expand your professional and personal network and elevate your personal growth.


1. “A devotion to serving others is one of the most important values in a man.” I love this quote by George H.W. Bush. We all have strengths and the opportunity to contribute something to make this a better place for others. What is most interesting is that when you help others, you receive so much more. When I decided to serve in my community, and local HR and Relocation organizations, my approach was to add value by helping others, and try to meet people along the way. As I reflect on the last 10 years, it is amazing to see what I have received along the way starting with an incredible network of talented people (who are now great friends) that have all been part of shaping my life. This is the starting point when looking to elevate your growth and expand your network.

2. Implementing the 10 foot rule will expand your network. When George H.W. Bush was a business man in Midland, Texas, he had a 10” rule approach which means that any time he was within 10 feet of someone, he would introduce himself and ask if there was anything he could do to help. This is the best way to expand your network. I often see people standing around at business and community events not really talking to anyone. This is the opportunity to meet someone new, possibly learn from them, and look for ways to add value. I often share one of my favorite Darren Hardy quotes “Your NETWORK is your NET WORTH “ because it perfectly aligns with this rule.   We are all here to meet people and learn from others, right? Next time you are at an event and within 10 feet of someone, go up and introduce yourself. It can be a game changer for both of you.

3. Use letters to share lessons learned. I enjoy sending and receiving letters of encouragement and the impact it can make on someone. One of my favorite letters was when I received a note about 5 years ago from my VP Sales. He shared a program from the UVL convention with a personal note written to me that said he is looking forward to seeing me there one day as a “Presidents Club” nominee. This was inspiring and I was fortunately able to share this story with our team in 2014 when I was a “Presidents Club” nominee for the 1st time at the convention. George W. Bush shares many of his father’s notes in “41” that are written to his family and friends. The approach he used was to share life lessons and encouragement for others. It is so inspiring and impacting to see how he shared his thoughts to help others. Unfortunately, we post most everything today to social media and email which can make it easy to get lost along the way. My hope is to be more disciplined to make writing personal notes a priority when opportunity presents itself.

Call to action: Take an opportunity this week to serve in your community, or write a personal note to someone on your mind that you can encourage, or just to let them know you are thinking about them. It will make a difference.

This has been a “Relocation Minute” update on “Leadership Lessons from 41” with Bruce Waller, For more information, call 972-389-5673, or email bwaller@goarmstrong.com or check out our my social media Facebook and twitter page.