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What’s your leadership “ringtone”?

My mom was recently sharing with me when I call her phone, she knows it’s me calling because of the ring tone song she has set to play called “The Boys of Fall” by country singer Kenny Chesney. It’s one of my favorite songs about the brotherhood of football. I am so glad she connects me to this song when I call (which reminds me that I need to call her today😊).

Many people set their ring tones to different songs or set emails to different sounds letting them know when someone’s calling or when an email or text message arrives. It’s a fun way to alert us about incoming communication which reminds me of a story… it’s another type of ringtone known as “The Corporate Ringtone”. bruce_on truck original picture

Several years ago, I joined a small relocation company in Dallas, Texas as the operations manager. During my first week, I was walking into the office when I heard a different kind of phone ringer. I had noticed our phones ringing throughout the day, but not like this ring. It was a different ringtone sound you would hear in school when classes changed and had a longer ring to it so that you would immediately recognize as being different than the “normal” phone ringer. As I heard the first ring finish, our office manager quickly shouted from around the corner “hurry, someone answer the phone, IT’S CORPORATE!” When the call was completed, I asked about the corporate ring tone. The office manager explained that the corporate set up a different ring tone so you know they were calling and we need to answer this call within two rings or we will get in trouble.  What?!!! This comment concerned me because it sounded more like a ringtone of fear and intimidation. I now started wondering if I had made a good decision to join the company.

Does it really matter who is calling? Shouldn’t we pick up the phone as soon as possible for anyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s a corporate executive, a customer/client, or one of our van operator drivers needing assistance. When the phone rings, we should answer it with a positive passionate attitude ready to serve the person calling. In this case, there was definitely a sense of fear among the office staff that was not very healthy and wondered if this could/would eventually change. Unfortunately, this didn’t change and I eventually left the organization. When you lead with fear, you will limit the organization…

If you are going to set a ringtone for your corporate office, let me recommend some different “ringtones” for your team to thrive for success:

  • Ringtone #1 “A Matter of Trust” (Billy Joel) – Trust is the foundation of leadership.
  • Ringtone #2 “Care” (Kid Rock) – People give more when they know you care.
  • Ringtone #3 “Empathy” (Alanis Morissette) – Seeing through the lens of others will help you to get the most out of your team.

As I write this post, I am listening to another favorite by Tim McGraw called Humble and Kind which would also be a great ringtone for your team…

What ringtone would you recommend for your team?

Quote of the week: “The customer experience will never exceed the employee experience.” (Tony Bridwell)

Call to Action: Think about the ringtone you have set up for your employees and customers. Does it align with your values and principles? Start some dialogue this week about leading with purpose! As Kenny Chesney sings “Don’t Blink”!

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Using data AND this leadership trait is essential to being recognized as best in class!

One of the trends we are seeing today in mobility is relocation companies differentiating themselves using metric scorecards to track customer satisfaction and quality scores for improvement. Many companies use a post-move survey at the completion of the relocation to get feedback from the customer in many areas from home marketing assistance to temporary housing to moving the household goods. This feedback has excellent data for external client reviews, as well as internal teammate reviews for recognition and improvement.

The common thread to achieve success for improvement in any process for service and quality in an organization is COMMITMENT! Excellence starts with a commitment from all stakeholders with an intense focus on process improvement to be the best in class. postmovesurvey

When it comes to moving the household goods, United Van Lines partners with a neutral third party company to provide post-move surveys to each customer moving which helps rate the best moving companies for success as well as identify areas for improvement for each office throughout the US. The post move survey focuses on communication, quality, and the overall moving experience. United Van Lines provides post move survey ratings for each office across the US to review for improvement each year and recognizes the top quality provider in each class at the annual UniGroup convention.

A few years ago, the Armstrong Relocation leadership team committed to including quality service score metrics as one of their top business goals in the company to elevate the focus on the customer and help employees identify an area to measure success.

The results?

In October of 2016, Armstrong Relocation Dallas office will be recognized among hundreds of agents as the WINNER OF THE 2016 Customer Choice Award at the UniGroup Convention for largest agent class. This recognition is more than providing best in class service and quality for our customers. It’s about collaboration among teammates and playing their role to provide excellence for each customer from the surveyor to coordinator to operations to moving crews to auditing and invoicing to be THE CUSTOMER’S CHOICE! It’s about a COMMITMENT to every customer, and every employee, on every move!

Congratulations to Armstrong Relocation and Companies in Dallas, Texas for winning the prestigious 2016 United Van Lines “Customer Choice Award”!

Quote of the Day… “The Goal is more than the Role.” -Darren Hardy

Call to action: Reach out to your relo partner to learn how they are performing when it comes to quality moving services and discuss areas of improvement. I am also happy to meet with you to share how we achieved our quality scores to rank best in the US! We would enjoy building a partnership with your team too!

This has been “A Relocation Minute” on “Commitment to Customer Choice” with Bruce Waller, for more information on relocation resources, call 972-389-5673, or email bwaller@goarmstrong.com. Follow me on Twitter too!